Vegas hotel introduces mobile access control for guests

Using your mobile device to open the door to your hotel room has now become a reality with the launch of Kaba’s mobile key at The Cromwell, a boutique hotel in Vegas. The mobile key can be downloaded on any iOS mobile devices and guests may use it to check-in and open their room doors.

Kaba Lodging, a provider of access control solutions for hoteliers, announced the launch of the hotel locking system at the Cromwell on Monday making the hotel the first property on the Vegas strip to adopt this trending technology.

The Cromwell hotel room in Las Vegas

“Kaba’s mobile access system is based on the cloud service set up by security firm Legic Identsystems, a subsidiary of Kaba,” said Alastair Cush, head of Kaba Lodging’s global business development arm. Mobile access authorization codes are encrypted in the Legic ID Connect cloud system and is only decrypted within the hotel lock of the specific room. This ensures the security of the mobile access system, which Kaba prides itself upon.

He added, “With this ground-breaking Kaba hotel locking system, which opens hotel locks in less than a second, guests can enjoy a completely new and intuitive experience that very much suits The Cromwell’s [style].”

Upon successfully confirming a room reservation, guests will receive a link to the mobile app and an access code on their device. After downloading the app, guests only need to enter the access code and place their iOS device beside the lock and the door will open. The app can also be used when operating the hotel’s elevator.

Following the launch of its mobile key, Caesar’s Entertainment is planning on introducing the Kaba technology to its “play by TR” app. Guest will soon be able to communicate with hotel staff via their mobile devices. In addition, the hotel group is expected to launch a fully functional self-check-in platform that combines both mobile and online technology with a series of kiosks.

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