End of the common cold could be in sight

There could be a breakthrough in science that could put a stop to the common cold. Researchers are now able to halt the genetic code that puts a stop to the cold virus and keeps it from repeating itself.

This discovery could give the opportunity for scientists to create specific molecules that could “stop the virus in its tracks” and kill the common cold and stomach bug.

The University of Leeds as well as the University of York have scientists who are using a model based off of computers to discover the code in the genome that causes these viruses, primarily the common cold.

Common Cold

These scientists believe that this could mean significant things for the cure for the common cold as they would be able to “jam the messages” that are spit out by the molecules which would stop the virus dead in its tracks. This has the ability to end the cold where it stands and no one would have to suffer through one ever again.

Scientists must first do trials on viruses for animals that are a must before they can actually create the drug which jams this genetic code.

These findings were first recorded in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition, and has the potential to stop a number of different viruses.

Peter Stockley who is a Biological Chemistry Professor at the University of Leeds says that this discovery could likely be an “enigma machine” giving scientists the opportunity to see how the virus comes about. “We have shown that not only can we read these messages but we can jam them and stop the virus’ deployment.

A Reader in Biophysics at the University of Leads Dr. Roman Tuma states: “We have understood for decades that the RNA carries the genetic messages that create viral proteins, but we didn’t know that hidden within the stream of letters we use to denote the genetic information, is a second code governing virus assembly.”

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