British Airways announces changes to its frequent flyer program

British Airways will revamp its frequent flyer program, which previously operated on a miles-based system.

As part of the changes, travelers on the most expensive full-fare first class tickets will earn three times the actual mileage. In addition, travelers on business class will earn 2.5 times the actual mileage.

British Airways

Flying on premium economy will earn you up to 50 percent more than the actual miles flown. In contrast, travelers who buy the cheapest available economy class tickets will earn only 25 percent of the actual miles.

American Airlines may choose to adopt British Airways’ system instead of the revenue-based model adopted by both Delta and United Airlines.

IAG, the parent company of British Airways, is in the process of acquiring Aer Lingus. The longstanding Irish airlines is based in a hub in Dublin, and is a low cost carrier that operates on the transatlantic route. It currently offers a two-class transatlantic service to Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Toronto and Washington DC.

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