Qantas’ premium economy class provides comfort in the skies for passengers

Qantas currently has 9 Boeing 747-400s in its current fleet. It has recently put the ageing planes through an extended refurbishment. It now offers passenger the choice of travelling in its premium economy class.

Seats in Qantas’ premium economy class offer 101.5 centimetres in leg room. In addition, it has been reconfigured with the newer Airbus A380 layout. Rows in the premium economy class are arranged in a 2-4-2 layout.

Qantas Premium Economy Class

Passengers are allowed 40 kilograms of check-in baggage. In addition, they are also allowed a piece of carry on luggage weighing 7 kilograms.

A standard blanket, pillow and amenity kit is provided for passengers. Passengers are able to enjoy Qantas’ inflight entertainment on a 21 centimetre screen. The inflight entertainment includes recent Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows and music channels for passengers.

Premium Economy passengers are able to enjoy pre-order meals and can book them through Q-Eat, the airlines’ online portal.

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