Samsung Galaxy S6 new features

The new Galaxy S6 will be unveiled on Sunday during the annual Mobile World Congress of cell phone industries in Barcelona. With the last two in the Galaxy S series, Galaxy S4 and S5 were a huge success with an upgrade of the Galaxy S3. They updated or upgraded versions of the S3 like all the mobile tech giants have been doing; just repackage the old product and add a little new feature to it and resell to its hungry customers.

Recent reports, rumors and teasers from the tech giant highlight their keen interest to effectively compete with the likes of LG, Apple, Motorola, HTC and the list goes unexhausted. The Korean tech giant is very keen on recapturing that lost part of its market share and the magic of the new revolution of cell phones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone

Amidst its numerous teasers, rumors and speculations a list of what to expect in the new Galaxy S6 has been put together for your easy consumption.


The new Galaxy S6 will follow the laid down Samsung design trend though an all metallic design is incorporated into the new model. This was hinted by Samsung through its YouTube video teaser. It used to use plastic casing for its Galaxy S series but now moved to the metallic since it has a lot more benefits compared to its plastic counterpart.


Bloomberg reports earlier this month on Samsung’s two versions of the Galaxy S6. The S6 with a normal flat screen and the S6 edge with a 3-sided curved display. Their recent video confirmed to this fact. Both will have very high QHD resolution display which is an improvement on the Galaxy S5 which had a 1080p display resolution.


Reports suggest an upgrade of the front and rear cameras. A higher resolution is being built into the camera; the front resolution has a 5 mega pixel for sharper pictures and the rear camera upgraded to a 16 0r 20 mega pixel.

Mobile Payments

To beat Apple’s pay and Google’s Google wallet, it’s speculated Samsung will include the LoopPay technology to the S6. Though Samsung already has previous history of an unsuccessful pay system, it is set on getting it right this time around.


The new Galaxy S6 will run on Google’s latest version of the Android operating system, version 5 ‘Lollipop.’ It plans on partnering with Microsoft to load office mobile, Skype and OneDive on the new S6.

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