Better ways to Travel Cheap in 2015

Traveling around the world is a life goal of many people, but the cost of air travel, hotels, and meals can make it an unattainable goal for most. If seeing more of the world is your goal in 2015, then here are some tips for ways to cut cost and create lasting memories for a fraction of the cost.

Travel Cheap In 2015 

  1. Utilize Share Economics

There is a growing population of people around the world using idle assets to their benefit. In this new economy, idle assets have become a source of extra money. If you have spare time you moonlight as a driver or tour guide. If you love to cook you, offer food services. If you have a spare room, you can lease it out on a per night basis. New sites are popping up all over the Internet, like Airbnb, EatWith, Kangaride, and Flight Car. These sites offer travelers an alternative to traditional vacation expenses.

  1. Download a New Search App

The proliferation of mobile apps and their convenience has ushered in a new way for travelers to find accommodations in a matter of moments. The majority of the apps are free and give travelers the ability to travel cheaper and with more convenience.

  1. Budget International Airfares

New international airlines are shaking up the travel industry with low-cost fares to Europe and beyond. Established airlines are charging as much as $1000 for fares that newer budget airlines are offering for as low as $200 one way. Airlines like Norwegian Air serve both U.S. coasts while the cheapest options have been found with Icelandic airline WOW.

  1. Take advantage of the Information Age

The Internet has revolutionized the travel industry. No longer is it complicated to find details about your destination of choice. You can plan every detail of your trip without leaving your chair. Details like rail fees, ferry schedules, and remote locale maps can easily be accessed on niche websites for particular destinations.

While airfares have been on a steady rise despite lower fuel cost, the wanderlust traveler needn’t worry about how to afford their next excursion. The information age has given ordinary travelers the ability to find their deals online and to skip travel agents and brokers on their way to see the world.

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