Google fined for breaking Russian antitrust rules with Android


Russian antitrust officials fined Google with $6.8 million. Russian authorities ruled last year that Google had abused its market position with Android, its mobile operating system, by favoring some of its digital services over those of rivals, including the Russian company Yandex.

As part of its ruling, the Federation Antimonopoly Service said that Google’s rivals had not been able to include their own offerings, like digital maps or search, in the Android operating system that powers a majority of smartphones and other mobile devices in Russia.

Google denies breaking Russian competition rules. The company is still appealing the Android case in Russia, which was opened last year after Yandex complained that its services for Android were being treated unfairly.
Google dominates its service areas in much of the world, but it has failed so far to do so in Russia, where Yandex retains more than 50 percent of the market for internet search, according to industry statistics.

While the Russian fine is akin to a rounding error compared with Google’s $75 billion in annual revenue, the ruling against Android is the newest setback for the company at a time of mounting global competition investigations into the search giant’s activities.

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