Global emissions of greenhouse gas methane pretense challenges against climate change,

Paris: On Wednesday, researchers said, global emission of green greenhouse gas methane creates challenged against combat for climate change and double the current estimates.

The new analysis based on a database 100 times larger than previous ones, and new study will refuse the previous assumption based on earlier model.

Methane gas emission from production and use of natural gas, oil and coal is about 20 to 60% higher than the previously estimated; the report has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

Stefan Schwietzke, a scientist at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and lead author of the study, told AFP, “Emission record and analysis underrate methane emission comes out from fossil fuel development,”

He asserts emission from factories and geological sources accounted for 60 to 110% higher than current estimates.

Experts said, the new study is serious concern for global efforts to limit global warming. The target that set under Paris accord is going to force into next month.

Grant Allen, a professor at the University of Manchester, commenting on the study said, “Methane emission created by the human activity is needed to revise again.”

It’s even more difficult to reach to UN-backed temperature target.

On the other hand carbon dioxide and methane are more efficient to trap heat emitted from earth over a 100-year time span.

Methane is a second largest contributor to the global warming after CO2, which is accounted for increase in temperature after industrial revolution in the mid-18th century.

The percentages of Methane may double over next 250 years as it gets previously up in 1999.

Up to 2007 percentage of green house gases was stable and later on it goes up sharply again. Corresponding study, the experts says not to blame only fissile fuel.

Schwietzke told to AFP, said, “Increasing percentage of methane underrate the study.”

“But the fact is methane is not only responsible for green house effect.”

He states, extraction of natural gas percentage of methane emission due to reduced rate of leakeage’

Termites, wild animals, wildfires and wetlands are responsible for considerable percentage of annual emissions.

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