Donald Trump states he may revoke the historic Paris climate deal if voted to power


Washington:  Donald Trump, Republican presidential nominee said he may withhold Paris climate deal once voted for power, this deal may cost US around USD 5.3 trillion and higher electricity prices.

He was talking at the election rally said, once he elected will offer jobs in whole America and make available chip energy to all farmers.

He was misleading to crowd by saying he is very much believe in the environment and won many awards. Added “Paris deal which is supported by Hillary, will cost a lot to US around USD 5.3 trillion and higher electricity prices,”

Trump said, “We are looking for clean environment to breath and compete in business but this deal do not allow u s to do that.”

He said he will use USD 50 trillion for creating new jobs and energy reserves at chip rate to farmers in all over US.

Trump said, “We will support to steelworkers who are blockade from China and will take care of miners who are kept away from doing business”

He said, “The Obama-Clinton team should have to spend USD 50 billion on farmers to saving crop threatening diseases.”

He said, “If they not stop we will draw notice of termination, 30 days,”

“We are free traders and bring back jobs.”

Trump also said, “He want US be such place where Apple and many other companies like it manufacturing their products.”

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