Egyptian forces killed six takfiri militants in its campaign

Cairo: Egyptian forces started to find out terrorists in its campaign to punish suspects where 2 soldiers and 6 militants were killed. The campaign followed by the last week deadly attack by the Islamic State which killed 12 militants.

On Tuesday, Mohamed Samir, military spokesperson Brigadier General assert, the militant carried out ground and air attack in the seven places that killed six takfiri militants in the campaign.

He said, 2 soldiers killed during the operation. There were 16 hiding in the places ten motorcycles and two vehicles of the terrorists also destroyed.

Sunday operation took place didn’t mention the exact place in the statement. The campaign launched by the army in order to target terrorists and forbid in the North and Central Sinai region, few areas where 18 takrifi militants were killed

The campaign followed by the Friday’s terror attack launched by the army, was wide-ranging campaign.

“Martyr’s Right” is the first inclusive cooperation carried out to find out militants based in the restless North Sinai region.

The campaign “Martyr’s Right” was operated by the army in followed by 2014 October attack which killed 33 security personnel.

Since long time Egypt carried attack over judges, military personnel, and policemen in various part of the country.

Overturn of the regime President Hosni Mubarak since 2011 North Sinai, became important base to number of terrorist forbid groups, and even for center of the violent attack by Takfiri gunmen.

More than 700 security people were killed since then. The militants carried out operations in the area, some suspects took into custody and flatten houses of the terrorist including those facilitating tunnels leading to the Gaza Strip.

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