26 Asian sailors detained captive by Somali pirates have been released

BEIJING: On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, 26 Asian sailors that includes 10 from China detained captive by Somali pirates for nearly five years they have been released.

Hua Chunying, Foreign Ministry spokesperson state in the statement, in March 2012, 26 crew members of the Naham 3 a fishing boat have been hijacked by the Somali pirates were saved yesterday and on Monday they moved to Kenya with the assistance of significant United Nations agencies.

She asserts, “The Chinese government has given honest appreciation to all personnel and agencies those involved in the rescue operation conveys sincere blessing to those crewmen,”

29 sailors of the Naham 3 that were includes two from Taiwan, 10 from China and 17 from the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia were taken into caged when their Omani-flagged boat was detained south of the Seychelles.

Xinhua, state run news channel quoted Hua as saying, 3 sailors died after the hijacking that includes one from the Chinese mainland and another from Taiwan.

She said, an active group of the Chinese Foreign Ministry was sent to meet the surviving Chinese crewmen.

Hua said, the Chinese crewmen will back after receiving medical analysis and psychological therapy.

She has given condolences to the family of three sailors who died after getting hijacked.

Hua said, “The Chinese government strongly condemns the cruelty of the pirates that challenge human self-respect,”

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