Facebook launches a new app but not for smartphones

Facebook is all set to roll out its new app but it is not for smartphones. Yes, you read it right. Facebook is launching a new app for the Samsung Gear VR headset known as Facebook 360, which will be the first ever app of social media giant for indulging the virtual reality platform.

Facebook launches a new app but not for smartphones

As pinpointed by the name, the key function of Facebook 360 is to provide 360-degree photos and videos on the Gear VR. The content is obtained from the timeline of the user, the 360-degree content saved by users to view later, content produced by themselves & from several creators.

The users can select from the 4 available categories placed on the interface’s top in the menu bar. The categories include timeline, saved, following, and explore. The timeline tab permits the users to experience the memories again via their own 360 video and photo uploads. The saved tab of the Facebook 360 app enables users to search all the 360 content that they have saved from the News Feed. The content that is saved can be seen later at any time point on the Facebook 360. The following tab will allow the users to experience 360 content posted by their friends on 360 content as well as Facebook from People and Pages they follow. The explore tab will assist a user to discover popular and interesting 360 content on Facebook from organizations, individual creators, and media companies.

And just as the 360 videos on Facebook through desktop, one can insert emoji reactions to the video in the 360 app. It is also possible for the user to react to the 360-degree videos & photos and share them on the timeline of Facebook. The company is also looking forward to add few more social features to its app in the future. The Facebook 360 for the Gear VR is accessible for downloading from the Oculus Store.

It would be an awesome experience to use this app, isn’t it?

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