Can The Food Wastes Be Turned Into Tires?

People are constantly on the wheels for earning a living. Have you ever thought about what your wheels are made of actually? Or Could there be any replacement for those materials? “No” right? But the researcher from the Ohio State University has found a replacement by making use of the materials that come straight from your kitchen. It is surprising to see how the tomato and egg shell wastes can be used to make the fillers of the tires. The researchers are exploring the field of use of waste materials as an alternative to the petroleum based carbon fillers in the rubber tires. This new discovery can prove to be a boon for the tire manufacturing industries.

Can The Food Wastes Be Turned Into Tires?

According to the researcher Cindy Barrera, the tomatoes and eggshells have unique properties that can render the rubber some enhancing properties such as increased flexibility and strength. The carbon fillers obtained from the overseas are becoming rare due to the rising use of these fillers in the on road wheels. As the carbon fillers are a product of the petroleum they are not considered to be sustainable, hence the food waste products can prove to be a better option instead.

As per the U.S. Department of Agriculture, about 100 Million eggs and 13 Million Tones of tomatoes are consumed each year. Hence, the use of these materials can help curb the petroleum-based filler utilization. The eggshells are porous in structure which renders a larger surface area to help combine with the rubber material and also offer high stability to the tires. The tomatoes have a property of remaining stable even at high temperatures which in turn can help improve the tires performance. Thus, the use of these two materials during the tire manufacturing can help boost the technological advancement in recent times.

The research on the use of waste food materials to enhance the flexibility, durability, and performance of the rubber tires is still on. And the researchers are currently waiting for a patent approval for this discovery.

Get ready to roll out the wheels that run on trash.

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