Newborns’ Pain Levels Can Be Estimated Using Facial Recognition Software

It is really difficult to distinguish a cry of a baby; whether it is because they are hungry or they are in some pain. For ages, the nurses who are nurturing newborns are capable of telling the slight distinction between a cry of a baby is because of pain or hunger. Now, the skill of differentiating the dissimilarities is merged with constant facial expression recognition software in with desire of providing a novel method to assist the healthcare providers more accurately estimate whether a baby simply requires a diaper change or is experiencing pain.

Newborns’ Pain Levels Can Be Estimated Using Facial Recognition Software

A research team at the University of South Florida is making effort to evaluate the discomfort level in a newborn. The group of researchers consists of engineers specializing in facial recognition software and the neonatal nurses who have evolved a sharp sense of being capable of advising whether the babies are just crying as they are hungry or in serious pain. The team is utilizing cameras to capture the faces of the babies after, during, and before the process, and also recording the sounds produced by them. This information was also merged with the brain oxygenation readings taken with the use of near-infrared spectroscopy.

The team conducted a study including 53 neonates. The technique was utilized to evaluate the babies’ discomfort and the outcomes were compared with the estimates given by the skilled nurses. This enabled the researchers to adjust the system to outcome in much better association, and expectantly a method of examining children constantly for indications of discomfort and pain.

Terri Ashmeade, USF Health’s Chief Quality Officer, said, “Babies hospitalized in the NICU go through several painful processes and studies have demonstrated that these painful experiences are linked to changed growth of the brains of infants and can influence them in a long period. Babies are not able of informing us when they experience pain, or how severe their pain may be. So an essential part of this study is that, by combining vocal responses with computer vision technology, we can have a complete comprehension of what our patients are feeling and also recognize when we should intercede. And that correctness in understanding when they are experiencing pain would stop us from giving babies the medications they might not need.”

This is an innovative technique that can help the doctors a lot to understand the pain of babies.

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