Art Search Goes a Level Up With Better Indoor Street View Experiences

For a while, Google has been pushing to encourage culture and arts. It has even refurbished its committed Google Arts and Culture app last year that bring all museums together for a digital walkthrough, artwork in high resolutions, details about artists, and much more.

Now, Google has renewed its indoor Street View and Search experiences in order to make the art searches better, complete with interactive knowledge panels and high-resolution images. The Google Street View enhanced its indoor museum interface by allowing machine learning and its enormous database merge together to deliver the users data about the artworks inside the museums.

Art Search Goes a Level Up With Better Indoor Street View Experiences

So, whenever the user wanders within a museum on the web or mobile app of Street View, he/she can see footnotes at the side of each painting, providing basic data about it. The user will be redirected to a new page on clicking the footnote. There the user will get a more detailed data and a high-resolution picture that can be zoomed to see all the information.

Once you are within the museum, with the use of navigation arrows, you can steer around the rooms freely or merely tick on a distant mark to jump to a nearer view. It is even simple to do the movement between floors by choosing a diverse level from the new control section under the Street View zoom and compass controls.

Google explained, “To develop this feature, we used our visual recognition software to function. Just the way machine learning technology enables the users to search for entities in their gallery of Google Photos, the walls of the contributing museums were scanned by this software across the globe, recognizing and classifying more than 15,000 artworks.”

This is the recent effort by Google to make the acknowledgment of art in a better way. This is actually going to help to make the walkthrough of a museum interesting in Street View. Even the Search results are tweaked. So, if you search for any artwork or artist, the results will show up an interactive panel with all data associated with the artist, including their work profile, and more. Similar to Street View, you can also zoom in the high-resolution pictures in Search.

So, start your walk through a museum and let us know how efficiently the app works.

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