Now Google Allo enables making calls within its chat via Duo

By now, there are several users of the instant messaging platform, Allo. Google is now adding some more features to its Allo app to provide the users a better experience. A new update is on its way that will allow the users to make a Duo video callwithin the chat window directly. According to the company, the only requirement to use this new feature is to have Allo as well as the Duo app installed on the devices of both caller and receiver.

Now Google Allo enables making calls within its chat via Duo

So, basically, this new feature is going to be useful while shopping and other things, as you don’t need to write and send a description of the outfit to your friend. All you need to do is make a Duo video call. Sound good, isn’t it? A Duo call can be initiated by just tapping the Duo icon present in the chat screen’s upper-right corner. The users can even add stickers to photos with the new update before sending them in any chat. This newest update is available for Android as well as iOS platforms.

If a receiver of a Duo request in Allo does not have the Duo app installed, they will be informed and asked to do the same. The incorporation will be pretty useful for users who frequently use Duo and Allo.For those who have missed, before this, Google had released an update for Allo, v12, offering the Selfie Clips feature coupled with other modifications such as a refurbished compose bar.

Basically, the Selfie Clips enables the user to create GIF loops of themselves or anything else using their phone’s front camera. And can send them in chat conversations. This feature was initially rolled out only to Android users but later made its way to the iPhone users as well. The renewed compose bar has eliminated the icon “+” that used to hide all the compose button. But now, all of them are displayed above the message bar itself, which has made them more accessible to the users.

So, let us know your views regarding the combination of instant messaging app Allo and video calling app Duo.

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