2017 Geneva Auto Show – Hyundai Elantra i30 Tourer

After some famous back-to-back auto show journey, the automakers, dealers, car lovers, modifiers and customization garages have witnessed more than they expected. In coming days, one of the best and reputed, the Geneva Auto Show is all set to start with numerous hot and royal wheels.

2017 Geneva Auto Show – Hyundai Elantra I30 Tourer

Hyundai is in talks owing to its upcoming newly renovated tourer. The company has already rolled out its sedan and hatchbacks. And now the Korean automaker plans to officially introduce its new wagon at upcoming 2017 Geneva Auto Show.

The new Elantra Tourer has made its comeback merely after 6 years, as it was discontinued after 2012. However there is naming game based on which it is launched. If it is sold in United States it would be known as Elantra Touring, And if it ends up in the other global market, it would be sold with a the model name i30 Tourer, which will come out as an affordable wagon alternative to Opel Astra Tourer, Volkswagen Golf Sport Wagen, and Ford Focus Wagon.

Focusing on the vehical’s specification, The Hyundai Elantra i30 will be available in both petrol and diesel verison that ranges from 1.0 Litre inline -3 turbocharged engines that efficient produces 118 horsepower and on other side other engine comes in with 1.4 litre inline-4 which generates 138 horsepower.

Considering the internal features, the Elantra i30 comes with touch screen infotainment system, driver alertness system, and navigation system. Further, it has powerful LED headlights, electronic driving assistance with automatic braking system, pedestrian detection and lane assistance.

The boot space comes in huge size which can also be folded in front for the more expansion.

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