261 people were killed in Hurricane Matthew and dozens in one town


LES CAYES, Haiti: On Thursday, official reported, Hurricane Matthew hit the Haiti and one village killed at least 261 people including dozens in the one coastal town. Only rescue team reach early to assist affected people day after storm.
Matthew strike at the rate of 145 mph (230 kph) on Tuesday, many people killed in flying debris, swollen rivers and by falling trees. The Interior Ministry, Mayor and other official confirmed to the press.

Haiti’s civil protection service is so far to provide toll to poor Caribbean nation where 108 people were dead.
In Haiti’s town is one pleasing place where all the facilities were in town and surrounded by fishing villages around the western end of Tiburon peninsula that is in the country’s southwest.

On Monday and Tuesday, Hurricane Matthew passed through the peninsula and left destructed homes.
Louis Paul Raphael, the central government’s representative in the region said several dozens of people died in the coastal village of Les Anglais in Sud Department.

Raphael said, I have never seen such storm before, Les Anglais became first to strike by the hurricane Matthew and still it is out of contact. The mayor said to press people were fleeing from their homes before storm strike the village.
Port-a-Piment town which is few miles away, 25 people died and Roche-a-Bateau placed further south where 24 people died.
In Grand Anse Department is also on the harsh path on the other side of the peninsula, where 38 people killed with loss of human life and domestic animals.

Doctors were not seen working in the Public hospital in Les Cayes, a port town on the Tiburon peninsula as the storm hit and they took shelter to protect life.

Essential thing in the shelter is limited; taking consideration destruction in Haiti villages impelled authorities postpone a presidential election that was schedule on Sunday.

Weak government, Poverty and unstable condition make many people in Haiti town susceptible to natural disasters.
Magnitude 7 earthquakes ruined the capital Port-au-Prince in year 2010, killing more than 200,000 people.
when earthquake arouse, U.N. peace keepers accidently introduced cholera to the country which left 9,000 people dead and several thousand people infected.

On Thursday, The Pan American Health Organization said its possible water gets contaminated after the hurricane and we are preparing for the possible cholera gush in Haiti.

On a Cayes’ tiny airport, storm blown out the windows of the plane and the terminal roof destroyed while the landing strip is not so damage.

Sergot Tilis, the information officer and runway agent for the airport said as early as possible we run flights.
Matthew hurricane is a Category 4 cyclone and the second strongest on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale. It is ever strongest on the Caribbean than Felix since come in 2007. That was moving forward to Florida.
Four people killed in a week in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

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