5 Tips to save money on your travel cost

You can see more of the world this year by saving money on your travel cost. Here are five tips for the savvy globetrotter gearing up for a trip around the world.

  1. Spend and Reap: Get Rewarded for your Spending

Travel rewards credit cards are ideal for the savvy adventurer. When you get to your destination, you can purchase everything on your credit card and let your current trip pay for your next one. If you don’t have, one investigate if your current card has more than one way to earn rewards, you may be able to switch how you earn points.

Saving Tips on Travel Cost

  1. Commit: Join ONE Miles Program

Instead of joining multiple airlines’ frequent flyer programs, consider joining only one. With airlines consolidating and changing their rewards programs, you will be better served earning all your miles in one place. Free travel requires a lot of frequent flyer miles and can take years to accumulate if you bounce between carriers. If you prefer to comparison shop, there are travel-shopping portals that offer points and rewards. These portals, like Priceline or Expedia, allow you to manage all your travel from one location and use as many airlines as they have available while earning points and rewards in their programs.

  1. Look for Perks Programs

Presently, customer loyalty programs are in excess. Everyone has a rewards based program for repeat customers, and while some are better than others, it won’t harm you to join as many as necessary to receive perks – as long as they’re free.

  1.    Book flights on Nontraditional days

Traditionally, people prefer to travel at the beginning of the weekend to the start of another weekend. To find discounts try leaving on nontraditional travel days or in the middle of the week. Also, when researching flights the best days to search are Wednesday and Sunday when rates reset.

  1. Search for packaging

In planning your trip you plan to travel to one area and remain there before returning home, consider planning a package that includes a hotel, cars, and flight arrangements that make traveling turn key.

By including a few of these tips in your planning, you can save money and accrue rewards that will fund your travel dreams well into the next year.

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