A New Promising Battery by John Goodenough

The new battery is considered to be one of the important devices of the electronic devices. The oldest creator of the battery John Goodenough has again come up with a new all-solid-state battery cell. This storage device is considered to be a huge breakthrough for the industries.

A New Promising Battery by John Goodenough

According to Eric Schmidt Alphabet Inc.’s executive chairman, the recently developed battery is almost three times powerful than the normal lithium-ion batteries energy densities. The new battery is entirely made up of glass. These batteries can be made using the abundantly available sodium supplies. It can store as well as transmit energy at lower temperatures as compared to the normal lithium-ion batteries. The energy density of this battery is higher making it a powerful source of energy, which can render as much power as required by an electric vehicle that runs on the wind or solar power.

The major drawbacks of the batteries are their storage capacity and the zero-carbon emission rate. Thus, some top leading companies such as Volkswagen AG and Tesla Inc. have set their eyes on the utilization of new eco-friendly and powerful batteries in their vehicles.

The people behind this amazing idea are John Goodenough and his team from the University of Texas and University of Porto. They thought about developing a new battery in order to combat with the changing climatic conditions and also to reduce the fossil fuel consumption rate. The researchers are trying to get a patent for this discovery as well as make it commercial. However, the commercialization of the product may take some time as John’s earlier lithium-ion battery product had taken. Looking at the new batteries’ low cost, efficiency, power density, life cycle, and discharge rate, it can prove to be one of the best options in the coming years.

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