AirAsia launches Asean Flight Pass

“AirAsia ASEAN Pass” was on Monday launched in order to gain enough control over the ASEAN market before the implementation of the open air policy next year. The new flight pass allows passengers enjoy fixed rates of all 10 ASEAN countries on all its 148 routes.

The CEO of the group AirAsia stated that the launching of the pass was to help in the ASEAN integration and all ASEAN country members benefit from the creation of the new economic community.

AirAsia Asean Pass
There are 2 passes offered, one has got 10 credits and the other twenty credits, priced at RM499 and RM888 respectively. A two hour flight is valued at 3 credits while a flight below two hours is valued at just a credit.Both passes have a year validity period but will have certain specific complete travel days to complete flight. The one weighted at 10 credits will have 30 days from day of 1st flight to complete flight while the 2nd one weighted at 2o credits will have 60 days to complete flight from day 1 of first flight.

Fernandes stated that “We also want to encourage the world to see ASEAN. What is special about ASEAN is the people.” The President of Indonesia AirAsia Sunu Widyatmoko stated that the pass was to help promote Indonesia’s other tourist centers apart from that of Bali.

The usage of the pass has however been restricted not to include holidays, days separately set aside for major celebrations like Idul Fitri and Christmas season.

To help completely resolve the problem and not to allow the December 28 air crash where all 162 lives were lost to be repeated, the budget airline is quickly working around the clock to gain back the confidence of its customers.

The airline AirAsia Indonesia was sanctioned by the Indonesian Transportation Ministry for not going through the proper procedure in securing its flight permit.

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