AirAsia QZ8501: Body of Briton identified and final report will be released in August

Among the bodies retrieved from the crash scene was one believed to be a Briton Choi Chi Man believed to have been travelling with his daughter, his family according to a spokesman from the foreign office has been informed.

Mr Choi, 48 was believed to have been travelling on flight QZ8501 on December 28 last year with his daughter Zoe when the craft crashed. There were an estimated number of 155 passengers aboard the flight.

AirAsia QZ8501 Incident

Mr. Choi lived with his family in Singapore and he was believed to have been travelling with a British passport. All lives of the 155 passengers including 7 crew attendants on board were lost and not a single survivor was rescued. The flight was headed for Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia when it suffered a fatal crush while the pilot was trying to weather through a bad weather. 47 bodies among the 155 bodies have been retrieved after the crash.

The black boxes upon retrieval revealed the pilot was in control of the craft until the sounding of the stall warnings started to sound.

It was stated according to authorities of Indonesia that the craft lifted of its cruising height before stalling and crushing into the river.

It was recorded that the craft rose to 37,400 feet from 32,000 feet in thirty seconds. It was reported to have later dipped to 32,000 feet, did a 3 minutes descend and finally the black boxes stopped every reading and recording of both voice and flight data.

An analysis of the black boxes will be completed later this year to ascertain the cause of the flight.

Meanwhile, the transport minister Indonesia – Ignasius Johan told AFP that final investigation report will be released in August. “I have instructed the NTSC (National Transportation Safety Committee) that the report must be as independent as possible,” he said.

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