An app that assists in tracking missing kids

It has been a year now since Vijay and his squad have been wandering through social networking websites and different state as well as central government sites to make a depository of photos of almost 3 Lakh kids, most of them in private or government homes but apart from their actual homes. “If you give in a pic, our software without human intervention connects it to kids who look very much alike in our record,” claimed Vijay, highlighting a pic of a four-year-old kid beggar that he came upon on Facebook. It was linked with the pic of a boy on the Track Child Center portal who has been reported as missing by his parents from Haryana.

At present, the closed app, Facetagr, has assisted trail over 100 kids across the nation. Vijay’s squad is now in discussion with the anti-child trafficking team in Tamil Nadu and the officials of social defense to slot in facial recognition in its system for tracking. It is also operating on a task to track families of almost 15,000 kids from Nepal saved while being trafficked into the country. “We are offering 15 smartphones with the app to helpers there,” claimed Vijay to the media.

To lodge missing kids, the Center has “Khoya Paya”, (“lost & found”) online site for public usage and Track Child that permits government, police, and charities to organize repatriation. Filtering through over 2 Lakh pics is normally hard. “And most of the times the kids’ spellings may be different in the lost and found portals, so they do not match,” claimed Vijay. If in any case families do not have pics, a picture of the kids’ brother or sister can also assist the squad in tracking the kid.

As per Track Child, 2.5 Lakh kids are missing from the time frame of January 2012 to March 2017, nearly translating into 5 kids disappearing each hour. It also reflects that almost 73,000 kids remain missing in spite of intensive public awareness by the government and the center. Administrators say factors behind cases of disappearing kids can be abduction, kidnapping, illegal adoption, trafficking, displacement during natural calamities, and runaway children.

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