Anthem hack victims hit by a massive phishing scams

In the prevalence of cyber crimes, Anthem this time unfortunately happens to be at the receiving end (the victim). Hackers hacked into the system of Anthem, the second largest health insurance company in the US and retrieved over 80 million patient details of their customers. Brian Krebs a cyber crime journalist has noted that customers have already started receiving emails from these hackers purporting to be mails being circulated from Anthem.

Anthem Hack

The purported emails circulated to its customers promises them a free credit monitoring service by encouraging them to click on a link in the email in order to activate the service to enjoy a full year of free credit card service protection. Anthem confirmed that though it’ll be offering such services, it has not yet started sending out emails to customers informing them about it. Some of their customers have complained about receiving strange calls from these hackers projecting themselves as workers of Anthem.

It revealed in a press release that all affected customers will be sent official letters soon. Anthem emphasized that it will not email or call its customers for information on credit monitoring services.

It’s not yet certain if all the data obtained of the over 80 million people is being used to carry out these phishing scams or that the hackers are only playing the number game hoping to hit gold or diamond in the sand.

This ferocious act which took place and was announced the previous week, has actually resulted in the compromise of millions of unencrypted personal information including Social Security numbers, names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, as well as corresponding employment information and member numbers. Though there hasn’t been any sign yet of individual’s personal or private information made available for public consumption. It’s however alleged by some experts as suggested that it was carried out by some sponsored Chinese agents.

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