Beijing Set To Start A Subway Line For Driverless Trains

Imagine travelling in a driverless train… Doesn’t the very thought of it scare you? Looking at the present urge among the Beijing public for a better and efficient transportation facility has led to the engineers developing a subway line with driverless train. This year Beijing will see its first domestic and automated subway line with driverless train open as soon as possible.

Beijing Set To Start A Subway Line For Driverless Trains

According to the transportation authorities, the subway line called Yanfang Li ne, which will cover almost 16.6 Km, will have its construction work started and ended by this year itself. It will cover the city of Fangshan present in the southern suburb. The demand for the improvement in transportation and the need for convenient mode of transport among the residents have encouraged the engineers to bring such idea to life. As per the Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development this automated subway line is going to be a milestone in the history Beijing.

Looking at the current state in Beijing, that is about 19 railway lines already spreading across 574 Km and the government’s interest in constructing about more 20 subway lines across 350 Km is going to be the changing game for the city. With the help of suggestion taken from the people through social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and others the engineers plan to construct a driverless train, which can be controlled and constantly monitored on a real-time basis for keeping a track on the passengers as well as the train.

Social media can help the transportation officials help improve the transportation during the time of concerts or any big events going on in the city. The current status shows Beijing having the driverless train running this year.

Enjoy your ride Beijing residents, the train is speeding your way.


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