Best Home Security Cameras for Better Home Security

This Christmas season where everyone would be busy in the celebrations, someone unexpected could join you for the party as well not for the feast, for sure for the breach. Yes, I mean the thief and robber. Check out these coolest security cameras specifically designed for the home application. So install one of them and let the cameras do the security and you enjoy the parties.

Samsung SmartCam PT

It is one of the top rated home security cameras; the camera is not limited to a residential application, it can be also used in commercial offices too. The device has field view of 96-degrees and the main feature to be focused is its ability of lens panning up to 350 degrees and 155-degree tilting facility. Its high definition features include sound alerts, night vision, and advanced two-way audio system. The camera has inbuilt storage facility for Micro SD card.

Nest Cam

Nest Cam isn’t for those who are already being familiar with Drop cam PRO, as the model is better than Nest Cam. However, latest device of Nest Cam build for indoor surveillance is equipped with noise detection, high video resolution, and motion sensor, but the quality of visuals it delivers in the dark is magnificent compared to other surveillance cameras. You don’t have to get into to those hectic configurations on PC as the recorded data are directly synchronized on cloud. Thus, the caveat is that it needs a subscription for recorded stuff; however, live streaming is accessible without a subscription.


Netatmos is no doubt a perfect outdoor security camera, which works as a floodlight too. Though the cost of the product is too expensive compared to the competitive cameras, Netatmos is a perfect replacement for your current porch light. The camera comes with 4MP CMOS image sensor and gives a wide view of 100 degrees with an adjustable manual positioning. For the fitment, it needs to be installed with electrical hardware.

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