Best ways to find cheaper airfares and discounts

  1. Buy anytime

There is no magic hour in which to buy your ticket. There are many myths circulating the internet, but the best way to find a deal is to search often and everywhere. Airlines are unpredictable, and there is no sure fire way to get a deal every single time.

Cheap Flight Secrets Revealed

  1. Search when you are ready to buy

If you find the best deal ever and you aren’t ready to purchase, that would be a major loss. Fares are constantly changing and when you are searching for tickets on a high-frequency route it may look hopeless. With airlines allowing travelers to hold tickets for 24 hours without purchase, many flights open and close throughout the day. Flights that were unavailable become open when a would-be traveler decides not to purchase. Search to find the ticket you want and refresh the page often, make sure you are ready to purchase when you find the flight you want to take. Waiting will only lead to despair when you return, and the flight is booked.

  1. Take advantage of airline deal alerts

Many of the major airlines and travel websites offer email-marketing alerts to make you aware of deals. You can tailor these alerts to deliver specific routes and certain airports. Each carrier or site has specifics to unique to their airline or travel portal so sign up for as many or as few as you need. If you find a great deal, it will be worth the full email inbox.

  1. Social Media

Using social media to find a discount or cheaper airfare may seem preposterous, but some of the best deals occur during a short window and has a very rapid expiration clock. Twitter accounts like @airfarewatchdog tweets cheap fares throughout the day with promotional codes and deals.

  1. Flexible travels get the best deals

If you are flexible on your travel dates, you will get the best deals available. Many of the travel portals allow you to search using flexible travel dates, so start your search early and use more than one portal to compare the differences in price.

  1. Search prices for nearby airports

Don’t be committed to a certain airport if a nearby airport has a reasonable fare. Many metropolitan areas have more than one airport in reasonable driving distance. A recent example showed a flight to London Heathrow for $1800 RT from Newark nonstop. That same flight was available to Heathrow from Philadelphia for $985 – a savings of nearly $1000. The transportation from Newark to Philadelphia to make the flight was a paltry $30. It pays to check every nearby airport for alternate route savings like these.

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