Beware! Are You Addicted To Social Media?

The world is getting tech-savvy nowadays. People prefer staying connected as well as in the limelight of others using the social media as a good source. According to a conducted survey, Instagram is considered to be one of the most influential and mental health affecting social media. The survey tags Instagram as one of the worst sites in today’s era.

Beware! Are You Addicted To Social Media?

Though it is considered to be the best way of expressing ones’ thoughts, pictures, or self-identification, it still has a negative impact on the people as they are constantly living with the mindset of posting many statues or photos so as to outdo others. They do it thinking that if not posted online then their image, followers’ list, and importance among the others will be drastically affected.

Nowadays, the physicians are having a number of patients visiting them due to over anxiety, stress, panicky, and fearsome nature-related to social media addiction. Here are some of the ways that can help you differentiate whether you are an addict or not:

  • You use the phrase hashtag or # in every status you upload. For instance, #depressed.
  • If a friend posts a joke then instead of laughing out loud all you do it post “lol.” Everyone is just forgetting to even express the purest of the emotions.
  • You try to be the first to post something online be it a TV series or any important event.
  • You start liking your own updates, tweets, or pictures, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or other social medias.
  • You try staying connected to people through the social media such that you post on the social media even when you got to invite people to a party or any other event.
  • You check in always, be at a workstation, when you get up, on the way to work, or even you attend different places with friends or family.
  • Trying to post the most obscure facts on anyone, whether a veteran actor or any well-known personality.
  • Being constantly glued to social media even when with kids, friends, or family.
  • You just cannot stop yourself from logging into the account even when you go to get your daily chores completed.
  • Asking people to constantly like and comment on your posted pictures and statues.
  • Using the device even when on a personal date or important work.
  • The first thing you do is hunt for your phone in the morning and check the stuff posted last night again.

These are just about twelve signs to alert you beforehand that you are going down the wrong lane.

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