BlackBerry Is Anticipated To Release Its First Android Smartphone in November 2015

Blackberry Venice” has been everywhere the webthese recent weeks and all types of leaks have been presented to fans. Therefore seeing the phone live in a video should be great. When smartphone pioneer, Blackberry, proclaimed Venice, it is big surprise was costumer. It shall be BlackBerry’s first Android device. Going Android will definitelyprovide the manufacturer a boost, although BlackBerry’s own OS was also great. It’s just that Android has been involved by a large population of users.

blackberry First Android Smartphone in November 2015

The BlackBerry Venice, as it’s called, appears to be running Android Lollipop, with a few additions like tap-to-wake, and a BlackBerry shortcut along with Google Now’s hold press shortcut. The phone also has a slide out QWERTY keyboard from the end of the device that uses a sensor to let you scroll the screen by swiping on the keypad itself.

As for the hardware specs on the BlackBerry Venice, those are still under wraps. A previous report suggests that the BlackBerry Venice will sport a 5.4-inch QHD display. Smartphone come with a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chipset paired with 3GB of RAM, An 18MP rear camera with the dual-tone LED flash in the video, and a 5MP front cam.

On the bottom are the micro USB port and the 3.5mm jack, while the top of the phone houses the micro SD card and the SIM tray.

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