BlackBerry posts another quarterly loss as revenues dip

After almost vanishing from the smartphone industry, the former smartphone giant Blackberry posted another loss. Shockingly, the loss reflected a steep falls in the turnover on Tuesday. This was due to the decrease in the handset sale and service fees. The main reason to blame this situation is the poor and extinct software which the company is still relying on.

The firm has gone through various changes to improve the condition. The company’s decision to back out from the manufacturing smartphones and only develop the software was a huge mistake. Well, this is obvious! If the software is not being sold and liked by the people, how will the company grow? The company soon needs to pair up with either of the team of Android or iOS. These both are the only softwares that are ruling the smartphone market. Both of them have their influence and are big giants in their own way.

Speaking about the amount, the company’s services and software currently sum up to $160 Million. The company suffered a huge loss in its handset sale. It dropped down to $62 Million from $220 Million in a year.

The company believes that 2017 will be stable year and all the loss they have suffered till now will be recovered. According to us, the company will never recover from the loss unless and until it leaves behind its extinct software. The company either should drop down the software or should improve and develop more to make it popular among the people like good old days.

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