BMW to make its entry in Formula-E from 2018-2019

Formula racing has been upgraded by one step with electric racing. And BMW is planning to get into the FIA Formula E Championship, an iteration of formula racing championship into electric powered cars in 2018-2019. Andretti racing team will be supplied with electric power trains by the German manufacturer.

BMW is the existing partner for safety vehicles and an official course with its i8 and i3 is seen with the convoy. The championship is designed with a concept to introduced fully electric format racing in 2014. The race is among countable luxury automobiles players that have taken a lead in the electric transportation after Jaguar and Audi.

The championship is all set to wave the flag for the third season. It will have the participation of total 10 teams with a huge mob of new start-ups and new entrants in the electric vehicle sector. This includes Panasonic, NEXTEV, and Faraday Future. These new players have a strong focus on the electric mobility. In previous two seasons, there has been a participation of some renowned OEMs and those teams will be seen in this season as well. These players comprise Audi, Audi Sport-ABT Schaeffler, Jaguar-Panasonic, Renault, and DS-Virgin Racing. BMW has decided to get into the green sport with an analogous approach.

The German automaker will be making its entry in the FIA Formula E Championship in 2018-2019 series. Team Andretti from the USA that presently designs and builds its own powertrain and which is utilizing the ATEC-02 for the coming championship, is massively optimistic to uphold the bet with enhanced electric drivetrain technology that will be provided by the BMW in 2018.

BMW will be on roads with its advancement and result of expertise in the electric vehicle space, which the company has achieved so far. Development of electric road models and aspiration to power the new innovation of BMW i-Motorsport division will assist the car maker in applying the technology for the advancement of its futuristic electric cars.

In the overall championship based on the performance, Renault e-Dams is dominating with 259 points, Audi Sport-ABT Schaeffler ranks second with 194 points, and India-based Mahindra & Mahindra has been positioned at third with 182 points.

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