Britain does not have a plan for Isil and will be preparing for air strikes

Great Britain must now prepare themselves to raise their game when it comes to air strikes in order to oust the fighters in the Islamic State in Iraq and should communicate a “political surge” of teams to develop strategies to eliminate the extremists.

What has been perceived as a nightmare, The Levant (Isil) as well as the Islamic State of Syria have a stronghold on the people of the Middle East, while Britain its playing the modesty card.


Defense chiefs and ministers currently have zero plans to handle these fanatic spreads but will continue to follow in the footsteps of the international coalition led by the United States

The Commons Defense Select Committee report said that they were “shocked by the inability or unwillingness” of the leaders of the military to give a “clear articulate statement of the UK’s objectives or strategic plan in Iraq. There was a lack of clarity over who owns the policy and indeed whether such a policy exists.”

Isil has a very large territory in the UK and has placed refugees of millions and has as many as 20,000 current foreign fighters who currently support the act of terrorism.

“Yet, the role that the UK is playing in combating it is strikingly modest,” the committee states.

The committee also concluded that the government must now send a “political surge” of experts of defense and diplomats to help stop the crisis in its tracks.

The committee is also requesting that British troops be deployed and that the government should in fact “invest heavily in staff to develop a better understanding of the situation on the ground.”

The committee is also stating that a force such as this “would require only the deployment of a few hundred personnel, the cost would be relatively modest, and it would not entail the risks of inherent deploying UK troops in combat roles.”

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