Can One Lose His Belly Only by Training on a Rowing Machine?

According to the USA health department, more than 30M people are suffering from the obesity and fat. The number of diseases causes are from the Obesity, Diabetes and high cholesterol levels. The number of cases is rising each year, which means most of the cases are coming from the people who are sitting on a chair every day and working.

Have you ever seen Apple CEO, MS CEO, FB CEO or any bigger name in the industry fat and unhealthy looking before? I’m sure you have not, that’s because they add few minutes to their regular workout. No matter who you are and how important your job and post is but if you are not working out every day and not making enough effort to stay fit, then you will not last long to see success.

Rowing Machine

Can One Lose His Belly Only by Training on a Rowing Machine?

When you have made up your mind that you will make enough effort to lose weight, then you should not hold back till to find the solution are looking for, when you’d keep trying on the search for different solutions then you will ultimately come across options that can help you reach your goals.

Rowing Machine

In the fitness world, popularity has no place, but results do. If you are not sure about which one you should choose, then you can always compare one fitness machine to another.

If your requirement is to LOSE WEIGHT, then there are several aspects you have to look into because not every fitness equipment is capable enough to give the results you expect from it

Rowing Machine: Weight Management

When your ultimate goal is to lose weight from a particular machine, then you should confirm if it has what it takes to help you burn the calories. We are going to tell you the truth if the equipment can help you burn calories and help you lose weight after few months of the workout.

  • The Rowing Machine has much more impact on your upper body and lower part body. When you are working out on the working machine, then you can feel that your belly part not included in the workout.
  • While working out on the rowing machine for half an hour (Most of the newbies will not last for half an hour, 15 minutes is more than enough for a newbie), then you will start sweating all over the body, but the impact is less or low.
  • Your leg, arms, thighs muscles will gain strength because of the intense workout you do every day for weeks.

The bottom line is that when you are working out on a Rowing Machine every day then you can expect CARDIO, Strength gain but weight management is not included in the workout at all. You will lose some weight, but it will have a little impact on the people who are suffering from Obesity and any form of fat.


Overall math is that Rowing Machine is not recommended for Weight Loss management alone, you can add it to the list, but it will always come in the last position in Weight Loss Management list. Do your ideas to share then you can comment below?

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