Cancer rate expected to be on the increase in the UK

A UK analysis suggests that 1 in every 2 people in the UK is likely to be diagnosed of cancer at some point in their lives.

The study suggested that improving life style through losing excess weight, quitting smoking and excessive alcohol intake could all positively impact one’s longevity and health in general. The good news amidst the rise in cancer patients is the high survival rate.

Cancer Rate

The change in the figures for developing cancer in the UK was as a result of in-depth research conducted using a more sophisticated and accurate method for analyzing the risk of cancer. Both methods however, show the same long-term trend – a rise in the lifetime risk of developing cancer.

It is expected to increase in the number of men developing it as compared to the number of women who are likely to suffer from it.

Professor Peter Sasieni stated that ‘”There is quite a lot we can do to prevent cancer and hopefully in many years’ time I’ll have been proven completely wrong.”

This he said by referring to certain adopted lifestyles excessive weight increase, excessive consumption of red meat, and excessive smoking that could increase one’s chances of developing a tumor.


The chief executive of Cancer Research UK, Dr Harpal Kumar said: “We have reached what many would regard as an important milestone.”

“We need to plan ahead to make sure the NHS is fit to cope, if the NHS doesn’t act and invest now, we will face a crisis in the future – with outcomes from cancer going backwards.”

In depth review indicated that cancers could be detected very early in their developmental stages, if there’s an increased focus on prevention and strategies. Detecting and treating cancers in their developmental stages is easier than when they’ reach their terminal stage.

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