Choosing automotive insurance and saving money

Cars come in several types and so do drivers. With all this variety, of course, auto insurance would have many options too. When choosing the amount of coverage you need to meet the demands of the road ahead, consider these points.

Auto Insurance

Mandatory Coverage

By law everyone in the UK is required to have a minimum level of automobile coverage. As the government continues to enforce uninsured motorist laws, make sure that you have the required documentation when and if the law stops you. The only exceptions to this required are DVLA allowances for SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification.) If you are found not in compliance, you could pay penalties between £200 for fixed fines and £5000 on the maximum end.

Claim Free Discounts

Insurance providers will often reward cautious drivers with lower rates. These no or low claim discounts can translate into tremendous savings for drivers. Some discounts total as much as 75% off standard rates after several years of zero claims.

Types of Coverage

As a motorist, you can buy the legal minimum insurance to avoid incurring any government fines. You can also upgrade the minimum coverage to include upgraded third party insurance or purchase the full coverage. Of the three types of insurance, the one that is best for you will depend on your needs. If your car is fairly old, then the legal minimum will likely be the most financially prudent choice. If your car is newer, then you will want full coverage.

Type of Car

The type of car being insured is almost as important as the driver of the car. There are 50 UK auto insurance classifications a vehicle will be placed in depending on size and repair cost. The cost of insurance premiums will differ depending on the auto classification for the particular insured car.

Get a Second, Third or even Fourth Quote

Make sure to contact more than insurance provider when choosing a provider. Even if basic mandatory coverage is the lowest cost options, the price will differ between providers. Also, because younger drivers will pay more for coverage than other motorist, they will need to comparison shop for the most affordable option in their category.

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