Cisco Security Develops New Tool Ransomware


New secure malicious software to detect and managed interrupted most harmful systems for infecting Internet users, which is termed as Ransom-ware. It demands fees for decrypting data of users.

Many computers infected due to Angler were connecting to servers at a hosting provider in Dallas, which had been hired by criminals with stolen credit cards. The provider, Limestone Networks, dragged the plug on the servers and turned over data that helped show how Angler worked. Telos manager Craig Williams said that, “It will be really harmful to the attacker’s network,”

These protocols can permit security firms to chop off infected computers. Also level 3 communications allowed Cisco to repeat the authentication protocols the Angler criminals use to act with their prey.ā€¯Limestone pulled the plug on the servers, new Angler infections had fallen off dramaticallyā€¯, Cisco said.

Telos estimated that if three percent of infected users paid the ransom averaging $300 (roughly Rs. 20,000), the criminals that had used the Limestone servers to spread Angler could have made about $30 million a year.

First you should control of a target’s computer, utilize kit buyers can install whatever they want, including software like ransom-ware. It provides number of branded programs, also sold online, that encrypt users’ computer files and demand payment.

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