Clinton shared a stage with Bernie Sanders to encourage youth for presidential election


Recent opinion polls have shown the race tightening between Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state, US senator and first lady, and Donald Trump, a New York real estate magnate.

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, US Democratic presidential nominee shared a stage with Bernie Sanders, former rival Senate to request youth to vote her on 8th November. The opinion poll says its strong and close race between Clinton and Trump. She was talking at the University of New Hampshire, said would make college study reasonable once she win the White House a promise won a many young hearts during the Democratic nominating contest.

Clinton said, “The tuition fees of the public colleges will make affordable for families earning below $125,000 a year,” she affirm to assist students under debt to refinance.  Some poll didn’t show that people under age 30 didn’t converted for polling stations in November, Clintons’ campaign worried about it which is indirectly giving advantage to Trump. On Wednesday, crowed has waved sign that read, “I will vote.”

Current poll decision shows that it’s a tough fighting between Clinton, a former secretary of state and Trump. Ipsos national tracking poll released on Wednesday, majority of Americans said Clinton won Monday’s presidential debate but she could not convert to supporters to expected voters.

The online poll shows that, 56% American adults are supporting to Clinton and 26% are behind Trump. The poll shows 42% people supported her while 38% support to Trump. Clinton described as resist to Trump even though he wants to turn the table at a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Clinton asked on the debate, whether she believed police are wholly biased against black people. She criticized to entire country and law enforcement. Trump has pointed out that hidden bias is problem for all not just for police, basically police are racist and prejudiced,” trump said.


Clinton event with Sanders held on university campus, but no allowed to students without invitation, as attendee said. Most of them were middle aged and member of local Democratic organizations those were invites by campaign. Clinton admires Sanders, a US senator he is form Vermont, who was her competitor in the earlier year.

Sanders introduced her on Wednesday, Clinton said, he is one of the most zealous champions for equality and justice.  Even if Sanders defeated by Clinton, he consistently drew his voters on the promise on make college reasonable, take on Wall Street and close the income gap.

He encourage to young people in Hampshire, to stand behind her in the presidential election.

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