Deadly Malware “Eternalrocks” Is Even More Terror-Stricking than Wannacry

The recent “Wannacry” attack has baffled most of the regions across the globe owing to its vulnerability. There are a number of smaller and larger firms who are dealing with the malware attack. The ransomware assail has opened the eyes of many regarding the personalized data security issues in the various organizations.

Deadly Malware “Eternalrocks” Is Even More Terror-Stricking than Wannacry

In addition to this, the researchers have now found a new malware named “EternalRocks,” which is considered to be scarier than Wannacry. It has the same vulnerability as that of the WannaCry ransomware. This new malware infects all the computers using Windows. It almost spreads like fire and is something that is difficult to curb compared to the Wannacry. The malware is designed using the NSA tool that is very well-known as the “EternalBlue.” This tool helps spread the malware from one PC to another through the Windows. Additionally, there are some other tools named EternalRomance, DoublePulsar, and EternalChampion, which also help the malware perform its vicious function.

In case of the Wannacry, the computer is either locked or the files become corrupt along with the botnet building option activated in the machines but that is not the case with the EternalRocks. Don’t get happy! The new malware, instead of using the Wannacry functions, prefers making the compromised machines vulnerable to the remote commands that could be used to weaponize the infection any time. Using the ransomware, the hackers were able to not only infect the machines but also demand for about $300 bitcoins. EternalRocks is very strong as it does not have any weakness points as the kill switch in the ransomware.

The 24-hour activation delay feature of the EternalBlue makes it difficult for the security officials to study it. Currently, the EternalRocks attacks haven’t spread that far but would worsen in the coming years. The basic reason for the Wannacry attack is the Microsoft’s release of security patch in March that made the Windows vulnerable. Around 150 countries and 240,000 machines, especially the ones using Windows 7 version, have been affected till date.

The attempt to curb the Wannacry attack has been possible to some extent but that will not be the case with EternalRocks.

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