Delays in Scio scanner production


Producers of a pocket spectrometer, which can scan and identify different objects, say his company is working hard to fulfill outstanding demands. Delivery of the item was about to get due on February, 2015 but not yet done.

Scio is a device that takes an electro-magnetic reading of objects and then compares the result with an online database. It can be used, for example, to distinguish between medicines or calculate the fat content of a slice of cheese.

The Scio device was backed by about 13,000 people in a successful crowd funding campaign in 2014. Company raised around 2.7$ m in this crowd funding. Some backers have expressed concern about the delay on the company’s Facebook page, after its crowd funding page was taken offline.

Visitors are now told the company is facing an “intellectual property dispute”, but Mr Sharon said the issue was solely concerning the Scio name.

“We realize it’s late, but we’re doing our best to ship as fast as we can., company said.

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