Dell expects stronger growth after recent merger

After making through the first 100 days of time frame, and one whole quarter of working as a joint entity, Dell EMC has began to witness the outcome it was hoping to from the recent merger.

President of enterprise business of Dell EMC, Rajesh Janey, said, “Our industry share increased 2 times this year in particular regions. In storage, our industry share for quarter one is 43.4 %, 22.5% in PCs, and 20.2% in servers. In storage, for example, our stake has elevated up by 26% over the last year (joint stakes) as against a 14% market expansion.”

He features this to a mixture of factors and the capability of offering users a broader portfolio of solutions and products. “The way we are organized, it permits the user more flexibility and choice without being attached to a sole vendor,” he claimed.

The company has been organized into 7 brands underneath the umbrella of digital modification, 3 strategically associated business arms and 2 completely owned subsidiaries after the merger. In terms of industry areas, Janey claimed that financial and government services were doing fine, whereas production has turned out to be strong in the last year. While IT sector remained healthy, development was slower since it was coming off a bigger foundation.

“Moving forward, we anticipate the government as well as the production sector to stay healthy, powered by other initiatives such as Digital India. Defense and its built-up is one more area to look out for,” he claimed.

India is on an antagonistic digital expansion path, targeting to turn out to be $1 Trillion by the end of 2022. This is boosting all features of the information technology industry, which is hooked to be at almost $75 Billion by the end of 2017. While the storage industry is hooked at almost $350 Million, networking and server are expected to be at $960 Million and $800 Million in that order, with PCs emerging in at $4.5 Billion.

Having said this, the current market situation as well as the future strategy based on these circumstances is surely going to give Dell EMC a stronger growth after the merger.

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