Digit Launched a Multilingual App for Smartphones

Media brand Digit has launched a multilingual app called- Tech tip for smartphones. By using this application, smartphone user can use more features in their own language. The technological information is also provided in multiple languages to smartphone user, a statement said by company.

Digit Launched a Multilingual App for Smartphone

Aiming to develop digital literacy and e-governance technology for the rapidly growing number of smartphone user, tech tip is very useful.  Tech Tips is designed as a one-stop app, to give service to all smartphone users in understanding technology in quick, easy steps and use their smartphones for multiple purposes and applications beyond just calls, Internet browsing and watching videos or listening to music.

Tech Tips is available, free of cost on Google Play and Windows marketplace. It is available in six languages – Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English. From the survey, it is proposed to be increase in the use of the smartphones by 90% up to 2017.

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