Duterte, Philippine President looking ahead with war game with US


HANOI: Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine President said that he will given a notice to the United States, that long lasting friend of the country will do joint exercises of Filipino and American troops next week will be the last such drills.

On Wednesday night he told Filipino community in Hanoi will dills with US because of the countries’ 1951 defence accord but he allow to continue for next week exercise only because he didn’t want to humiliate his defence secretary.

Duterte said, he will meet to leader of Vietnam’ in his two days visit and want to set new trade and commercial union with China and Russia but such war game Beijing does not want.

He said, “I would file notice that will declare Philippines-US a last military exercise,”

He added, “I will maintain the military RP-US accord that signed in the early `50s,” by looking at the Republic of the Philippines, I want to established new treaty for trade and commerce and you want to set war game again that China refuse.

Since Duterte won presidential election in May, he had anxious relationship with the United States. He told scheduling foreign policy doesn’t depend on US, but he taken step towards ties with China. He stress under his ancestor over long lasting defensive conflicts in the South China Sea.

Former to this month he said he will permit government forces to perform joint vigil of disputed waters near the South China Sea with foreign powers, in fact discarding a deal his ancestor reached with the US military earlier this year

He said, he want US military should out from southern Philippines and blame that they inciting local Muslim insurgencies there.

Duterte said he was bearing in mind to acquire military equipment from Russia and China.

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