Ebola virus may be more deadly than originally thought

The Ebola virus has moved over to West Africa according to scientists and now are fearful the disease has become easier to catch and more deadly than ever.

French researchers identified the outbreak and have been monitoring it closely and have tracked it all the way to Guinea, and are currently going over samples of blood from patients who have been infected.

Anavaj Sakuntabhai a human geneticist states: “We know the virus is changing quite a lot. That’s important for diagnosing new cases and for treatment. We need to know how this virus is changing to keep up with our enemy.”

Ebola Screening

It is definitely not a surprise that the Ebola virus has migrated because it is extremely common for any type of virus to do so. It can even be comparable to the flu virus or HIV which both migrate very fast.

Many experts and researchers believe that many people are not experiencing symptoms and this could be more dangerous to others. “These people may be the people who can spread the virus better, but we still don’t know that yet. A virus can change itself to less deadly, but more contagious and that is something that we are afraid of.” said Sakuntabhai

If the virus is able to mutate and become airborne this could bring serious concern all over the world. As of right now, sciences have seen no evidence that this is the case quite yet. The Guinea study should help scientists find out why some people are able to fight off the virus but others cannot. People who survive the Ebola virus vary widely from 30-90% with the most recent outbreak being fatal to 40% of the people who were infected.

The Ebola virus has currently killed 8,641 individuals and nearly 22,000 people were infected with the virus. These numbers are expected to change in the near future.

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