Eight year old girl may have found Cancer cure with Antibiotics

Most families talk about what went on at school that day or whether or not they made the soccer team at the dinner table. This is a completely different story.

The eight year old daughter of Michael Lisanti asked his daughter if she could cure cancer what she would do. She suggested antibiotics “like when I have a sore throat,” she said. She may have just hit the nail right on the head.

Her parents are two individuals on a research team for cancer and were a bit skeptical when their daughter Camilla suggested antibiotics to cure cancer. However, this did not stop them from testing out her theory at their lab at Manchester University. They were shocked to find out that some cheap antibiotics have the ability to kill the most dangerous of cancer cells.

Professor Michael Lisanti

Their study discovered that seven of the deadliest cancers could be squashed by the antibiotic. The antibiotic Doxycycline typically is used to cure acne, works wonders and only costs 6 pounds a day compared to most cancer drugs, those are simply pennies on the dollar.

The Lisanti’s were talking about their cancer research over dinner and decided to ask their eight year old daughter her opinion.

“She had heard us talk about cancer a lot and we thought it would be fun to ask her what she thought about cancer therapy. We asked her how she would cure cancer and she said, “Mum and Dad, I would just use an antibiotic, like when I have a sore throat.”

Rather than ignoring the child, Professor Lisanti decided to give the theory the old college try. He simply put some antibiotic cream on a small growth and found that it did in fact shrink in size.

The professor and his wife discovered that the stem cells that are in cancer have large numbers of mitochondria and that antibiotics killed some of these stem cells while harming none of the healthy cells.

Professor Lisanti is requesting funding so he can study this theory more closely. Many of the studies he has performed already confirm his daughter’s idea.

He also says that it is very important to listen to what your children say. It could very well cure cancer.

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