Emerging global environmental crisis


The foremost reason behind the study of environmental crisis is that many prime authorities believe that we are facing an environmental crisis. Many researchers forecast crisis will be unexceptional in its strength, swiftness and harshness.

Since 1970 alertness about environmental crisis has raise. The riding changes can be found at the global level, economic and social progress leads to preserve environment globally. The environmental protection is getting ignored by increasing population and economic development.

There is a large gap between those who getting benefit from economic and technological development and those who do not. It creates imbalance in global human ecosystem and affect productivity. Even though large number of population is lives in poverty and facing hunger.

Hence it created large range of environmental crisis includes ‘global warming’, destruction of forests,  ‘ozone hole’, ‘acid rain’, depletion of species, and decline of biodiversity.

However, all these problems giving demonstration of the environmental causes and possible solution is in human hand. Human is bound to its beliefs, attitudes, desires, values, behaviors and expectations. It’s not just physical problems but fundamental human problems and they are closely related to the question of what it means to be human.

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