Energy-harvesting sidewalks installed in London

Use of more of renewable energy is the current goal all the regions around the globe are trying to achieve. The use of sidewalks to generate power is a new concept the engineers in London have achieved. The basic idea behind this is to convert London into a “Smart City.” Can the streetlights be powered using the sidewalks? It is something to think about.

Interactive and energy harvesting tiles have been installed in a small street of London in order to attain the futuristic goals. The engineers had launched the project on June 29, 2017, and have successfully completed it this month. The Bird Street, which is a traffic-free, calm, and adjacent to the Oxford Street present in London West End, is the street the engineers have transformed into a Smart Street. The pioneer behind the development of the interactive street is Pavegen.

The Bird Street is now only open as a sidewalk and not for any traffic. The tiles have been arranged in the center of the street so as to capture energy from every step taken and generate a power that can activate the sounds of chirping birds and at nighttime, light displays along the way. Additionally, a seating area has been made that can also purify air using the special paint that can absorb the nitrogen oxide gas in the emissions present in the air.

The walkers are also provided with an app so that they can know the steps taken and the amount of energy generated. Their steps can provide them with discounts or vouchers, which can be used in the pop-up shops present along the street. The tiles, which measures about 108 square feet, have Bluetooth transmitters of low power embedded along the way.

Want some fresh air? Then have seat on the “CleanAir Bench,” which has been designed so as to purify air using the eight fans installed in the bench draw. These fans remove 95% of the nitrogen oxide gas from the impure air. The pure air is then exhaled by the bench, which can then be inhaled by the seated users.

Thus, the Smart Street seems to be a step forward in order to transform London into a Smart City. The use of advanced technologies and data science will be the perfect solution to the urban challenges.

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