Exactech’s Launched Computer-Assisted Shoulder Arthroplasty Technology Receives 510k Clearance

Exactech, Inc. is one of the best bone and joint restoration product and knee as well as hip biologic solutions’ developers and producers. The company just received a 510k clearance for its “ExactechGPS Shoulder Application” product this year. When the computer-assisted surgery is combined with a preoperative planning, there is no doubt that this technology is going to prove to be a standard and challenging shoulder arthroplasty device in comparison to the other products in the market. The new technology can change the whole new concept of intraoperative visibility.

Exactech’s Launched Computer-Assisted Shoulder Arthroplasty Technology Receives 510k Clearance

The device has been designed such that the patients’ preoperative planning before the surgery and its execution using the computer-assisted solution help have a full improved outcome. The intraoperative feature helps keep a control on the surgeons’ hand while performing the procedure. The device helps the doctors have an anatomic view of the patient’s shoulders before starting the surgery.

This new technology was presented at the 2017 Exactech Shoulder Masters Course along with which the live two surgeries, performed by Dr. Pierre-Henri Flurin in France, were also publicized. At the event, the product left the surgeons as well as certain company officials baffled with its amazing techniques and features.

The ExactechGPS Shoulder Application along with the clear anatomy view provides an exact visibility in the glenoid vault in the real course, which in turn will help place the glenoid in an accurate and exact position required. If the glenoid is placed in the correct position then there is minimal chance of any complications and surgical-related side effects occurrence as well as it enhances the implant’s survivability. The flexibility of the surgeons to drill or ream, place screws, and provide a real-time view of the inclination or retroversion is basically done using the intraoperative visibility feature of the device.

Now that the ExactechGPS Shoulder Application has got a 510k clearance, it is set to stir the healthcare market in the coming years. Exactech has its new product launched in the U.K., Australia, France, and Spain. In addition to this, it is currently planning to hit the U.S. market in this quarter of 2017. The company has a number of other products lined up for launch as well such as Equinoxe Shoulder System.

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