Eyeborg helps a man listen to colors

Technology has got the world rolling in today’s era. The people have a number of technologies included in the field of healthcare for their betterment. What is the latest development today? It is a tiny eye camera that can help translate colors into sounds. Amazing! right.


An artist named Harbisson born with a rare condition called the achromatopsia lets him only differentiate between the colors black and white. Thus, in order to help his brain hear the different color shades in the form of sound vibrations; he has got an electronic chip implanted into his skull. And he has named the developed device as the “eyeborg.” The basic idea behind developing this device is to let one see colors by listening to the sound vibrations of the different colors. What more can a color-blinded person expect?

How does the device work? The eyeborg has a camera that can curl up in the head and act as an antenna in order to help convert color input into specific sound vibrations. Earlier the device transmitted sounds only after pressing the audio unit aligned to the base of the head for creating the resonance sound via the skull to the eardrum. But, now he has developed an implantable electronic chip for capturing more of the nuanced signals and letting it directly be transmitted to the ear. Also the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections help the images be beamed directly without using the camera. This processing of the device is almost similar to that of synaesthesia—the neurological condition in which the sensory inputs are mixed and helps perceive numbers as colors.

The device is an unimaginable discovery that can help expand the human senses altogether to a different level. The eyeborg has helped Harbisson listen to the paintings in an art gallery or hear to the sound vibrations of the colored fruits and vegetables.

Let’s wait for the technology to get commercial and take the healthcare industry by storm in the coming years.

Eyeborg is kind of a blessing for the color-blind as they can listen to the colors and see rather than visualizing it directly.

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