Facebook, Google to Join Net Neutrality Campaign in the U.S.

Are you aware of net neutrality? Nope? Well, net neutrality is the standard, which says that governments regulating the Internet and Internet service providers should treat all information on the Internet equal, not charging differentially or discriminating by content, user, platform, website, type of attached equipment, application, or mean of communication. The term was introduced by Tim Wu, a media law professor at Columbia University, in 2003 as an addition of the ancient concept of a common carrier, which was utilized to define the role of telephone systems.

Facebook, Google to Join Net Neutrality Campaign in the U.S.

And now, Google and Facebook have made a decision to take part in the “Internet-wide Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality” protest planned in the U.S. for July 12, 2017. Being organized by advocacy groups Free Press, Fight for the Future, and Demand Progress, the “Day of Action” has already got back from Netflix, Amazon, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), amongst others.

“The protest is being organized in opposition to the recent regulatory behavior from the U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that fear for open Internet advocates might roll back decades of legislative growth,” a report claimed last week. “The participation of Facebook and Google could be a factor that could change the game since their websites are visited by millions and a note from them might assemble new resistance to the plan by FCC,” the report further added.

The July 12 movement tends to remind of another day in 2012 when the tech space rebelled in opposition to a contentious copyright bill dubbed as SOPA by blacking out or even altering their sites. This resulted in Congress to move back the bill, the report stated. President Donald Trump had selected India-origin Ajit Pai to lead the influential FCC, the U.S. regulatory agency for communications. The advocacy groups are advising tech firms and others to resist Pai’s strategy to burn up the net neutrality order, which was subjected in 2015. It implied various common carrier regulations comprising prohibitions on blocking or throttling content and on charging firms higher fees for prioritized delivery. It also reclassifies broadband as a value service.

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