Facebook’s Messenger Fastest Increasing App of 2015, Over 800 million Monthly Active Users

Facebook's Messenger Fastest

Social networking site Facebook declared on Thursday that its Facebook Messenger app has surpassed 800 million users. According to research firm Nielsen, the Facebook messenger is one of the fastest-growing apps of 2015.

Facebook possesses another messaging application which is prevalent over the world, WhatsApp, which had more than 900 million clients starting toward the end of last year. This include Facebook which made this standalone application in 2014 has more active monthly users than adversaries Snapchat and Viber joint. However, it is still behind WhatsApp.

Bypassing network charges, WhatsApp was one of the first apps to let people send and get free instant messages on Smartphone. Messenger users can also exchange messages; however, the app additionally offers free video calling and some business services.

Messenger has added features over the previous couple of months, empowering users to sign up without a Facebook account, make payments, video calls and communicate directly with businesses.

One of the things we have to work on this year is this perception or mindset that Messenger is only to speak with your Facebook friends, I’m happy to report that company made a good step in that direction, and toward the end of 2015, we crossed the milestone of 800 million people using Messenger every month “said David Marcus, in a phone interview.

The world’s greatest online social network, which has 1.55 billion users, makes money selling ads that appear on people’s timelines.

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